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Phishing  Awareness Defense

testing and training program for your staff

Most hacks begin by mistakes your staff make

The majority of successful cybersecurity attacks are due to insufficient End-User Training. So it just stands to reason that educating, and periodically testing your staff to reduce avoidable lapses in judgement is one of the most effective defenses against cyber attacks.

we offer a complete phishing awareness solution

E-mail Phishing Test: Behind the scenes we create a custom company registry, import all your staff email addresses, setup student and grade tracking accounts and begin sending random phishing emails to your employees. Different emails are sent to avoid any internal inter-staff talk or specific warnings.

First Quarter Results Report: We compile results of the first baseline test, and, if desired, send reports to staff. We develop strategic reduction goals and with management input, develop training options.

Online Web Training: Choosing from a wide variety of professional training videos, your employees will be asked to complete a prescribed lesson plan. This can be completed in several short (10 minute) training sessions, or lengthier classes as your management deems. This Security Awareness Training is designed by “White Hat Ethical Hackers” who have real life experience infiltrating companies like yours. Progress is tracked and notices sent to make sure all are completing the course work.

Quarterly Repeat Testing: Every 3 months for the remaining 9 months, (a total of 4 tests) we repeat the email phishing testing again using different, random, often seasonal emails. For those that continue to fail testing, additional education “Security Hints and Tips” are provided.

Executive Testing: While executives are included in the training above, we include special, targeted onsite training focused on Safe Wi-Fi Hot Spot Use, Safe Remote Device Use, and key Internal Controls to avoid “Spear Phishing and Whaling” attacks. This one-hour onsite training is key for traveling executives and financial officers.

Flash Drive Testing: During the year-long program, small USB “thumb” drives are secretly left to be discovered in your facility. When inserted in a computer, these drives alert us. This safe additional test of your staff’s level of awareness and training will provide another opportunity to close the door to hackersata security has become a high priority recently thanks to the data breaches of large retail and banking companies. But even the smaller companies are at risk as well. Malware, viruses, spam, skimming, and phishing are common forms of cyber attacks that can affect your data. 

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