The Top Ten (10) Benefits of Technology Services


Running an efficient and effective business in today’s world commands partnering with the right IT team and choosing the right technology solutions that positively impact your operations and support your customers.

Some of the benefits include automating business processes, improved communications and collaboration, online research, improved productivity and reduced business cost for all of us.  Having the right team of IT experts working with you will help you achieve your business goals.


1.     Automating Business Processes Improve Efficiency

Businesses stay competitive by upgrading old technology and systems.  A lot of new IT software and hardware improves efficiency by decreasing human error with automated processes faster.  Accounting software applications and contact management programs provide business owners and employees more time to focus on overall business strategy, run reports, create queries, and track projects.  This efficiency leads to increased productivity.

2.     Communication and Collaboration Advance Effectiveness

Communication is essential in the sales world and one of the many benefits of technology is the wealth of resources available to communicate quickly and effectively.  With the adoption of mobile computing devices such as laptops and tablets, and software like Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)cloud service, and online conference calls, sales employees are now able to collaborate effectively, across great distances and work when and where they need to.

Using technology for your sales team can reduce travel cost and improve meetings, resulting in increased effectiveness and efficiency.  Companies with multiple locations use technology to communicate better through software modules that communicate via the Internet.  Companies can penetrate new markets without sacrificing communication, financial and operational reporting.   They can also improve management information systems (MIS) to capture information for specific locations when making business decisions.

For financial reporting, rather than sending auditors to multiple locations, it is now possible to create a centralized accounting office for all financial records and transactions.  This improves effectiveness and reduces cost related to external audits.

3.     Automation Increases Productivity

Computers and business software have exponentially increased productivity through data entry and automated reports.  Companies can also automate manufacturing processes to manually create and assemble products, using machines and robots.  While some of these improvements may increase capital expenditures, they reduce labor expenses and assure quality.

Customer service, accounting and administrative departments have also experienced improved employee productivity.  Electronically collected data ensures accuracy and timeliness compared to manual processes.

4.     Improved Sales and Service achieved through Mobility

Technology is used to improve companies' sales and service departments by allowing employees to use personal electronic devices for sales presentations, customer information and sales orders.  These devices can shorten the lead time companies spend on receiving and delivering goods or services, and create a competitive edge for any industry.  Companies can send multiple sales representatives to various markets at the same time, improving distribution while reducing overhead costs.  Internal employees can work from home using a company internet connection, reducing the fixed overhead expenses from a large corporate office.

5.     Cloud Services deliver Easy and Reliable Storage

Cloud Services provide easy and reliable data storage for a company’s valuable records while reducing the need for servers and their maintenance.  When distributing the load across several powerful servers to do the heavy lifting, companies won’t need to worry about individual computer specifications or server crashes.  Companies only pay for data used on Cloud Services, which can dramatically reduce IT costs.

6.     Data Security reduces incidents of Hacking, Sabotage and Espionage

Unsecured data can ruin a company and cost thousands, if not millions, of dollars.  Cloud Storage systems and virtual vaults can keep information safe by allowing only key employees within a company to access, withdraw, add or change documents within an account. This data security reduces the incidents of Hacking, Sabotage and Espionage.

7.     Cost Savings/ROI

The greatest benefit of technology in business is the financial savings it affords companies of all sizes.  Increases in productivity allow companies to do more with fewer workers, reducing payroll costs.  Advances in communication and collaboration can reduce travel costs and increase sales.  Cloud storage can reduce warehousing and server and maintenance costs. By using the best technology, costs can be reduced, improving the bottom line.

Financially, if you have several possible investment possibilities to choose from, it may make sense to choose the ones with the highest ROI first.  If the decision isn’t clear, consider IRR (internal rate of return). This is the annual return percentage of the investment – the higher, the better.

Think about the timeframe for the investment, assess potential additional expenses that may crop up, and evaluate how the investment will impact your company. 

8.     Choosing the Right Technology delivers Top Benefits

In order to reap the benefits of technology in business, review the company’s current technology in relation to current and future business requirements. Questions to consider:

  • Who is using your existing IT systems, and what are they doing?
  • How efficient are your current operations?
  • Are there any bottlenecks which cause problems?
  • Are staff members getting stuck on less important tasks?
  • Are you duplicating effort between different departments?
  • Are there ways of working faster or tasks that could be automated?
  • Is your current technology going out of date or causing compatibility issues?
  • Are your business needs or processes likely to change in the near future?

9.     Hands-on Approach and Team-based Model Achieves Results

A hands-on approach and team-based model deliver masterful IT infrastructure.  An outsourced team can be your only IT experts or they are able to work in tandem with your existing internal IT team.  A dedicated team gets to know you, your business, and your preferences, delivering IT support your way. When an emergency arises, having responsive 24/7 services enables you to get back to full capacity and allows you to focus on what you do best.

10.  Proven Results come from a Solid Support Process

Having a proven support process ensures everyone fully understand your network, IT needs, and business goals. The process includes management interviews, a scan of your network, complete diagnostic checks, and a findings document written in non-technical terms. A visual representation of your network and a long-term plan to protect and maintain your IT infrastructure should be included.  The best practice process includes IT Assessment (Discovery), Findings and Recommendations. a Solutions Meeting, Implementation and Review.

Once you have completed all of this, you will have a clear picture of issues that can be solved by introducing new technology into your workplace.  At River Run, we draw on the insight, expertise, and know-how generated from 25+ years of service. We provide technical support to ensure you receive the best benefits of technology provides for your business. If you would like more information, please call 414-228-7474 or email




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