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Management with Strategy

Monitoring with Maintenance

Network Security

R-Managed IT

Are you looking for a dedicated Managed IT team to help you develop your strategy, manage updates, and assure your network is safe? If so, River Run is your answer.

We have been providing exceptional Managed IT services to keep you “up and running” since 1993. River Run’s Support Process, Team Approach, and Network Security are the secret to providing you with the best Managed IT Services around!

Our proven success is recognized by Channel Futures: River Run named #138 of Top 501 Managed Service Providers in the World.


Benefits of working with River Run:

  • Your system runs better through proactive monitoring and communicating
  • Your dedicated service team protects you from problematic issues like downtime, while helping you grow
  • Critical security, backup and maintenance activities keep you “up and running
  • Excellent value and predictable IT expense


R-Managed IT Plus

Get the same service as Managed IT while freeing yourself from unexpected costs. R-Managed IT Plus provides all of the services above on a regular visit agreement at a flat rate. This provides a high level of service along with a predictable budget.


Our Four-Part Support Process

What is the secret to our Managed IT service? Actually, it’s no secret at all. In fact, for River Run, it is as simple as Onboarding, Monitoring with Maintenance, Management, and Network Security.


R-Onboarding is the first step in every new engagement. We begin to know you, your business needs, current situation, and growth needs. Our technology assessment process is the most thorough review of your IT infrastructure available. We analyze your server and network infrastructure configuration, uptime needs and downtime limits, service usage, and consumption. Then we create a network schematic and develop a support process that meets your needs. Once completed, we present our findings and recommendations to you in person. We will review the findings, discuss solutions, and develop a final plan for implementation of our R-Managed IT services.



R-Monitoring with Maintenance is a unique combination of customized services and state-of-the-art tools. Our 24/7/365 R-Monitoring and alerting application proactively monitors your servers, network peripherals, and workstations, and alerts the River Run Support Team when an issue occurs. Many issues are fixed before you even realize there was a problem. Asset tracking and reporting, back-up data and review of trends, and recommendation of permanent solutions are also important, time-saving features. Onsite and remote, prescheduled support services play a major role in our R-Monitoring process as well. Using our state-of-the-art Maintenance Checklist database, we are able to keep your network updated and healthy.


Enhance the reliability of your IT network through this regularly scheduled Management program. By visiting with you on a regular basis, we ensure that your system runs effectively and efficiently. Your dedicated team will analyze network trends to avoid potential issues and downtime. R-Management includes budgeting, report review, trend analysis, and roadmapping.



Address the worry of a cyber-attack on your vital business data. Our network security service includes internal and external vulnerability testing to ensure your network is free from malware, spam, open ports, firewall and security weaknesses, and more. We are backed by a U.S.-based, 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) that guards your system to keep it safe at all times. On top of that, you regularly receive detailed reports that compile findings as a plan of attack against “bad actors” to ensure your business network and its data are protected and secure. Security is incorporated into all River Run services. It is not an event — it is a constant that includes:

  • Regularly scheduled and customized maintenance visits, vulnerability scans, and patching
  • State-of-the-art endpoint, email, network, and log security protection and monitoring backed by a U.S.based 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Solid backup with disaster recovery


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