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R-Managed IT

R-Managed IT refers to the entirety of activities – directed by policies, organized and structured in
processes and supporting procedures – that are performed by an organization to design, plan, deliver,
operate and control information technology services.

River Run is an extraordinary Managed IT service provider that provides a:
• Four-part support process (Discovery, Management, Monitoring with Maintenance, and Security;
• Team Model (dedicated service teams that help you reach for the stars).

River Run transforms the reliability of your network through our four-part support process. By reviewing and
scheduling visits on a regular basis, we ensure your system runs effectively and efficiently. Your dedicated team
will keep accurate documentation of all visits, analyze network trends to avoid potential issues and downtime,
while helping you grow. You will receive a list of services provided and future items needing attention.

R-Managed IT Plus service packages include critical maintenance and security reviews to keep your business “up
and running.” The increased uptime and support you will receive have made R-Managed IT services our most popular business IT services offering.

R-Managed IT Plus

Get the same service as R-Managed IT while freeing yourself from unexpected costs. R-Managed
IT Plus provides all of the services above on a regular visit agreement at a flat rate. This provides a high
level of service along with a predictable budget.


Our 4-Step Support Process

What is the secret to River Run’s R-Managed IT service? Actually, it’s no secret at all. In
fact, for River Run, it is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4 – Discovery, Management, Monitoring with
Maintenance, and Security.

R-Discovery – R-Discovery is the first step in every new engagement. We get to know you, your business
needs, current situation and growth needs. Our technology assessment process is the most thorough review of your IT infrastructure available. We analyze your server and network infrastructure configuration, uptime needs and downtime limits, service usage and consumption. Then we create a network schematic and develop an agreement that resolves your needs. Once discovery is complete, we present our findings and recommendations to you in person. We will review the findings, discuss solutions and develop a final plan for implementation of our R-Management and R-Monitoring with Maintenance services.


R-Monitoring with Maintenance – R-Monitoring with Maintenance is a tool and service combined into one. Our 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting software proactively monitors your servers, network peripherals and workstations. Many times, issues can be fixed before you even realize there is a problem. We can discover and repair minor issues before they impact your security or performance of your network. Remote Monitoring includes 24/7 Monitoring and Alerting, Asset Tracking and Reporting, Back-up Data and Review of trends and
recommendation of permanent solutions.

Regular proactive maintenance includes a personalized team of experts and IT support desk services. Ticketing systems have improved functionality, including screen shots, agent status updates, hardware details and user login information. Remote login allows our team to view and edit services and processes, speeding up

R-Management – Transform the reliability of your network through this regularly scheduled program. By visiting on a regular basis, we ensure that your system runs effectively and efficiently. Your dedicated team will analyze network trends to avoid potential issues and downtime. R-Management includes budgeting, report review, trend analysis and road mapping.


R-Network Security – Eliminate the worry of a cyber-attack on your valuable business data. Our network
security service includes best maintenance practices, including vulnerability and penetration testing to ensure your network is free from malware, spam, open ports, firewall and security weaknesses, and more. You will receive a report detailing our findings and our plan to ensure your business network and its data are safe and secure.

Security is incorporated into all services. It is not an event – it is a constant that includes:
• Regularly scheduled vulnerability scans;
• Regular patching;
• Implementing best practices;
• Solid backup with disaster recovery and backup         developer options.


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