To Create a New Ticket:

1. Click the "Create Ticket" button to enter a new service request.

    STEP 1: Select the type of service needed. This will prompt you for a few details about your issue

    STEP 2: Answer any questions presented in the "Problem Description" area of the Ticket. Feel free to add additional information as well.

    STEP 3: When you create a new service ticket the name, address, telephone number and email for the contact (who is logged in) will automatically be populated.                   

                 This information may be changed if appropriate.

2. Complete the required fields. Click "Submit". You will then receive a confirmation message with the ticket number.



The Tickets tab enables you to view all service tickets for the user (or contact) in the company.


The Configurations tab will show the list of devices from Manage associated with the user logged in.


The Projects tab enables you to see all projects for the company.


In the Account view, you have the ability to view Agreements, invoices and updated contact information for your users.


Users can view reports based on their security level, while administrators can view all listed reports for your company.


This tab enables you to see recommendations that have been sent to the portal for review.


The Invoices tab displays invoices with statuses that have not been excluded.