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Alleviate the worry of a cyber-attack on your valuable business data. Our computer network security software and network security service include best maintenance practices, including vulnerability and penetration testing to ensure your network is free from malware, spam, open ports, firewall, security weaknesses, and more. You will receive a report detailing our findings and our plan to ensure your business network and its data are safe and secure.

Security is incorporated into all services. It is not an event – it is a constant that includes:

  • Regularly scheduled vulnerability scans, vulnerability testing and penetration testing for ransomware and other network security threats;
  • Regular patching;
  • Implementing best practices;
  • Solid backup with disaster recovery and backup developer options.

Our network security tools and services result in a secure network and data security for you.

93% of U.S. businesses have holes in their security. Don’t be one of them. Let River Run provide the peace of mind that comes from a fully-secured network.

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