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Maintenance & Troubleshooting For Businesses Of Every Size


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Maintenance & troubleshooting for businesses of every size

River Run named #104 of Top 501 Managed Service Providers in 2021

A dedicated team of expert technicians

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Technical Services Leader

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Helpful Services, customized for you

No matter what your Challenge is, we have you covered


River Run offers a variety of managed and a la carte IT services to meet your company's needs. We start every new relationship with a thorough assessment of your network, then customize the services we provide to your specific business goals. Because we work with businesses in many different industries, we are able to provide insights that go beyond traditional solutions to your IT challenges. Plus, as specialists in the unique needs of manufacturing, education, finanicial, legal, and municipalities, we are able to bring solutions developed from the complex needs of our specialty clients to businesses in any industry. 
We are committed to doing the right thing for our clients, our community, and the environment. We are careful to recycle electronic equipment as much as possible, and regularly host community electronic recycling events. 

river-icon.png Onboarding

The power of knowing before doing leads to improved response and solution times.


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river-icon.png Network Security

Alleviate the worry of a cyber attack on your precious business data.


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river-icon.png Backup

Protect your business against data loss and downtime with our customizable backup service.


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river-icon.png Cloud

Our cloud solution provides a powerful network with no on-site server maintenance.


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river-icon.png Monitoring with Maintenance

24/7/365 automated remote network monitoring and management increases network stability and security.

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river-icon.png IT Projects

When you need extra IT support that goes beyond your current support services, we jump in to help you.


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river-icon.png Virtual CIO

A part-time senior advisor to support your specific goals, objectives, and concerns.


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river-icon.png Applications

Combining CIO services, Data Management and support for the legal industry.


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river-icon.png Phone Systems

Reliable business phone systems for your office environment.


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