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When you have IT needs beyond your current support services, our IT experts are here to help. We understand the potential challenges that might result from changes to your network, and work to mitigate problems by fully understanding the scope of the work to be done.

Whether you need to add workstations, move your office to a new location, update servers, or make decisions about new equipment, our thorough process and clear documentation ensure a smooth transition to an improved day-to-day IT environment.


Proven Process

Every River Run service follows a proven process of assessment, recommendation, development and presentation, execution, and documentation. We believe a clear plan, agreed upon before the work begins, results in a faster project with better outcomes. Even if IT is not your area of expertise, we will work to be sure you completely understand our approach, any challenges we encounter, and the solutions we develop.

Expand your IT Team

Your River Run dedicated service team is here to support your internal IT talent. We get to know you, your network, and your business goals, ensuring IT projects include engineers with extensive experience in the work to be done. If your dedicated service team needs to tap into additional members of River Run’s extensive group of IT engineers, we are able to quickly onboard them, reducing potential delays. 

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