CIO consulting to support your specific goals, objectives, and concerns

Your R-CIO will be your personal consultant for

  • Strategic Planning and Budgeting Roadmaps
  • IT Governance Policies and Practices Manuals
  • Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Cybersecurity Defense Strategies
  • Workplace Efficiency

CMMC Registered Provider Organization
CMMC Registered Practitioner

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Gain confidence and trust in your IT direction. With River Run’s R-CIO Service, our experts can work as part-time senior advisors supporting your company’s big picture and creating a strategic direction that achieves your business goals.

Through your own Virtual R-CIO, you will gain the IT management expertise that maximizes your ROI. We will align your IT infrastructure model with your business strategies and identify the gaps and opportunities for improvement. We will make sure your networks are secure and adaptable, and your support and management investments are prioritized to meet your growth needs.

Your CIO will share executive-level strategic thinking, advice and consultation to mitigate the risk of ownership.

advice and consultation

You do not have to be an expert on computer technology. Do what you do best. Your R-CIO works with your IT department head to understand your technology issues to carefully integrate strategic analysis, financial goals, and guidance towards business success.

Strategic Planning

What will your IT needs be as your business continues to grow? Setting the tone and pace for your business future gives everyone an understanding of their role in moving the company forward.

River Run has worked with both large and small companies on strategic planning. We can assess infrastructure, understand your current and future mobile and cloud computing needs, determine the bandwidth needed to support your growth, and together with you or your IT team, develop a plan for hardware and network to meet your goals with confidence.


Interim IT Management

If you need to temporarily fill a hole in your internal IT leadership team, River Run can help. Your dedicated service team can be efficiently enhanced with an executive-level IT expert, providing continuity at times of change. Your Interim IT Manager will provide dynamic leadership, manage workflows, and ensure critical IT work continues until you find a permanent solution.

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