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R-Monitoring with Maintenance

You will save time and money with automated remote network Monitoring with Maintenance. Our 24/7/365 automated network monitoring, server monitoring and alerting software proactively monitors your network and workstations. When and if issues occur, an alert is automatically sent to our support team so a technician can address the issue as quickly as possible. Many times, issues can be fixed before you even realize there is a problem.

Ignoring small problems often leads to larger ones. Remote network monitoring and asset tracking allow your River Run team to discover and repair minor issues before they have the potential to impact the reliability of your network.  Monitoring with Maintenance can identify issues that interfere with worker productivity so your River Run team can provide remote support and quickly correct problems without even visiting your office.

Our remote Monitoring with Maintenance services allow us to provide you with continuous proactive service
including Remote 24/7 Monitoring and Alerting, Asset Tracking and Network Reporting for systems and software, review of trends based on data collected and better recommend permanent solutions. Your entire River Run Management team will follow up after each visit to present findings and recommendations. Any projects or large-scale work found as a result of our visits will be managed separately to ensure that expectations are clearly defined and documented. We will review trends within the client network, review the Strategic Roadmap against changes in the business, develop recommendations and implement changes including Windows Patch Management and Windows Update Management. It is important to us that your system be updated, patched and maintained.


A Single Tool to Support and Maintain Your Network


24/7 Remote Monitoring and Alerting

  • 24/7 response helps to “keep you up and running”
  • Detects issues before they become large-scale
  • Performance monitors take proactive measures to keep your network healthy

Ticketing System

  • Submit end-user tickets direct to your River Run team via the icon on each CPU
  • Trend analysis to determine future investments
  • Faster resolution time allows River Run team to work behind the scenes and not disrupt the end user

Asset Tracking

  • Detects and tracks all your network devices that are powered up – retaining all hardware, software and performance information
  • Provides up-to-date data on the assets currently in use on the network, saving you time and record keeping



  • Run various hardware, software, performance and licensing reports
  • Help assist with the replacement of old hardware, reviewing overall health statistics on the network and tracking network changes


Remote Support Capabilities

  • These include remote login to servers, workstations and network devices, screen sharing, screen shot capture, chat features and command prompts
  • Speeds up the troubleshooting by allowing engineers to see what the end user is experiencing


Patch Management – Windows-based Operating Systems and Microsoft-supported Applications

  • Patches are reviewed, vetted and approved for install in a controlled manner. This allows us to best provide required updates while limiting any negative impact of “bad patches.”

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