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We offer simple backup as a service solution for smaller businesses who need to upgrade from manual tape backups.

For larger organizations, we combine backup with disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to ensure you are up and running in the event of a server failure or complete disaster.

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Protect your business against data loss and downtime with River Run’s customizable Network Backup, Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery services. We take the time to review your data storage needs, how your current process is working, then determine if changes are needed with a Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Plan. With an automated, predictable local or offsite backup solution, your business will experience minimal downtime and high availability in the event of data loss. River Run offers two such solutions to keep your data secure when faced with such a catastrophic event.

Choose from local or offsite options, including cloud backups.
Whether you need to replace your tape backup routine with a more reliable solution or improve your
enterprise-level backup system, we can develop a plan to mitigate risk, ensuring your sensitive and critical
data is safe and accessible.

Backup is River Run’s standardized implementation for backup with disaster recovery. With hourly backups
kept on site and at our Milwaukee based datacenter, this is a cost effective way for you to control your data
and keep your downtime to an acceptable minimum. This solution is perfect for the Client that needs the
reliability of a monitored and automated offsite backup solution and does not require business continuity while
recovering from a disaster.

Backup Plus
Backup Plus offers a business continuity solution in addition to the benefits of Backup. This redundant and customizable, cloud-based service will backup your systems locally and also at two data centers on the East and West Coasts. This solution is a “must have” for the client that cannot afford downtime and needs to continue to operate their business while recovering from a server failure or complete disaster.

Replicated Backup Protection

Both the Backup and the Backup Plus solutions automatically and securely back up your data and store the data in three locations: one encrypted copy on your premises and two encrypted copies at offsite facilities.

Automatic Incremental Backups

Both Backup solutions can be customized to back up your data at set intervals or in real time.

Onsite and Offsite Virtualization Prevents Downtime

In the event your server is unresponsive, the Backup Plus service allows us to bring your services back online either locally or at the offsite data center. Your team is able to continue working while the server is being repaired.




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