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We offer simple backup as a service solution for smaller businesses who need to upgrade from manual tape backups.

For larger organizations, we combine backup with disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to ensure you are up and running in the event of a server failure or complete disaster.

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Protect your business against data loss and downtime with River Run’s customizable backup service. We take the time to review your data storage needs, how your current process is working, then determine if changes are needed.

Choose from local or offsite options, including cloud backups. Whether you need to replace your tape backup routine with a more reliable solution or improve your enterprise-level backup system, we can develop a plan to mitigate risk, ensuring your sensitive and critical data is safe and accessible. 

With an automated, predictable backup solution, your business will experience minimal downtime in the event of a data loss.

Replicated backup protection

Our solution replicates your data in three sites – two bi-coastal facilities as well as onsite.

Automatic incremental backups

If needed, we can automatically back up changes to your data in real time. When your data is too precious to wait, we make sure your backups provide ongoing peace of mind.


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