An email virus can spread quickly. But knowing some quick tips can help you prevent your computer from becoming infected.

1. Do not open emails that have bad grammar, incomplete sentences or have an anonymous sender address. These are red alerts that should have you thinking twice about clicking any links or opening them.

2. Do not open attachments that are suspicious, unsolicited or are received from an unknown source.

3. Avoid opening attachments ending in .exe. If you are using Outlook, you can require the software to display .exe file extensions. Some attachments arrive in your Inbox looking like this: Examplefilename.pdf however, the actual file name is: Examplefilename.pdf.exe which executes a virus.

4. Make sure you have a backup of your system. If a virus were to infect your system, your backup data may be needed to restore the information.

5. If you are concerned or questioning whether an email attachment may contain a virus-Contact River Run. We can assess whether the attachment is malware.

Your network security is important to us. If you have additional questions or concerns about malware or viruses, please give us a call!


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