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When you need an office phone system, River Run can help you make the right choice for your office environment. Send us a copy of your phone bill. We are confident we can find ways to save you money, even if it is with your current provider.


If you want to save even more, River Run typically reduces client phone bills by up to 15 – 20%!

A strategic partnership with Sangoma Technologies allows us to build a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system tailored to your specific business needs. Our feature-rich platform allows you to leverage the tools that make sense for your business without paying for unneeded options or features.

And if you’re tired of having multiple vendors to contact when it comes to your phone solution, our partnership with Sangoma allows us to provide hardware, software, and voice services – YES, we can provide your phone line services as well. We make upgrading your office phone system effortless.



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