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Your helpful technology discovery includes

  • Current IT challenges
  • Server setup
  • Firewall analysis
  • Cabling & switching
  • Power supply
  • Workstation setup
  • Email
  • Backups & security

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River Run's Discovery Assessment 

Have you encountered trouble with other IT service providers not understanding an IT problem? The reason is simple. Your current provider may not understand your network configuration and your business needs.

River Run’s R-Discovery service is the solution to this problem. We believe so strongly in the power of knowing before doing that the FR-Discovery process is the first step in every new engagement. Our technology assessment, R-Discovery process is the most thorough review of your IT infrastructure available. This in-depth process analyzes your workstation and network configuration, uptime needs and downtime limits, server usage and consumption, and much more.

You will receive, and we will review with you, an R-Discovery document that outlines the complete structure of your IT environment, providing a path towards network stability, growth plans and support.

Purposeful support

Because we start every engagement with a thorough Technology Assessment, R-Discovery process, we are able to more quickly diagnose and solve problems when they do occur. Documentation is so comprehensive that our support desk is often able to help answer questions quickly if your ISP, website development company, or domain name host is unavailable.

CIO-level insights

Using the information provided in our Technology Assessment, R-Discovery process, your River Run team is able to help you make business decisions related to every aspect of your IT infrastructure. Because we understand your business and your IT needs, we are a true consulting partner for your success.


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