case study

Tanis Brush

Providing network stability during times of growth

Client Overview

Tanis Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial and utility brushes used for cleaning, sorting, painting, finishing and protecting equipment, machinery, parts, and other industrial applications.

The company offers a wide range of stock and custom-made brushes. Like River Run, Tanis is privately-owned and prides itself on providing a high level of customer service. Its internal IT infrastructure, including its ERP system, is essential to Tanis’ ability to exceed customer expectations.

When River Run initially met with Tanis in 2011, Tanis was in the midst of a manufacturing expansion. At the time, Tanis was working with an independent IT consultant. Although the consultant had served Tanis’ needs well for many years, Tanis’ management team knew this single consultant would not be able to adequately support Tanis as the company continued to grow.


The Relationship

After meeting with several IT firms, Tanis selected River Run. We began with a Discovery assessment to inventory Tanis’ current equipment, assess their support needs, and understand Tanis’ business goals. Tanis began to see immediate benefits from the implementation of remote monitoring with maintenance and backup services.

These backups were put to the test several months later when one of Tanis’ older, archival data servers which was running on legacy hardware failed. After virtualizing the server and creating a backup copy, we worked with Tanis to obtain a new server and get all software licenses updated so data can be maintained for years to come in a cost-effective manner.

River Run’s focus on partnership and client service were one of the main reasons we were selected by Tanis. Jeff Miller, CFO of Tanis Inc. states.

“We had some unique needs and River Run adapted to meet our business processes. One of the things we very much appreciated is that River Run made their team available before normal support hours to accommodate our working hours.”

Ongoing results

During the 5+ years Tanis has been served by Team Atlas, Tanis has more than doubled the number of users on their network and expanded its production facility beyond U.S. borders. Because Tanis is an R-Managed IT Plus client, we have been able to proactively plan for growth and support, including selecting and configuring all the hardware needed for Tanis’ new facilities.

We’ve also worked extensively with Tanis’ ERP system, ensuring the company had enough server capacity to handle the number of users and parts during times of expansion as well as troubleshooting database issues to keep this critical system’s uptime as high as possible.

“Part of what we look to River Run for is to plan for the future, both in terms of technology and growth. We meet with River Run several times a year to plan for upgrades or changes in security of technology. Part of the value River Run brings is to make sure we are ready for upcoming business needs,” states Miller.

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