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A comprehensive, ongoing approach to network stability

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A dedicated team of expert technicians

  • Technical Advisor
  • Technical Services Manager
  • Assistant Technical Services Manager
  • Senior Systems Engineer
  • Systems Administrator
  • System Specialist
  • Support Desk Specialist

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River Run’s Managed IT Plus service

Free your company from unexpected costs. Get the greatest value from your managed network services. Managed IT Plus takes a purposeful approach to network maintenance by combining security, backup, and maintenance services under one comprehensive contract.

Plus, your dedicated team of network services advisors will be managed by an experienced Technical Advisor, providing you with a single point of contact for questions or issues. Your Technical Advisor will actively meet with you to review your account activity, issues, and trends, as well as to discuss project planning and resource management.

Proactive Maintenance

Managed IT Plus proactively monitors and maintains the health of your network by including a core list of products our engineers have extensive experience maintaining. If your network is essential to the success of your business, Managed IT Plus is the robust solution you need to guarantee uptime and performance.

Careful Documentation

Managed by your Technical Advisor, your entire River Run Managed IT Plus team will document all activity, follow up after each visit, and monitor trends. Any projects or large scale work will be managed separately to ensure that expectations are clearly defined and documented.


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