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Protect Your Financial Information

Take the steps to keep your data safe

Financial institutions are entrusted each day with confidential information that can compromise a client. Protecting your data and keeping your network upgraded is extremely important. River Run has the experience and knowledge of compliance and government regulations to help maintain your network. 

How are you backing up your files? Are you using a secure cloud storage, storing on tape drives or using a backup system? Make sure you are analyzing the backup that you use and test to make sure they are working correctly. River Run can review this information for you and help assess if better options exist for storing your important data.

River Run can provide services to financial institutions to include:

  • RSVP (Regularly Schedule Visit Program)
  • ARMS (Automated Remote Management System)
  • BOSS (Backup and Offsite Storage Solution)
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Hardware and software purchases
  • Workstation moves
  • Cloud Storage analysis
  • Security and Compliance testing

Let's set up a meeting to discuss how to protect and secure your data. Your clients depend on you to keep their information safe. River Run can help with that!