case study

Adams Electric

Delivering Powerful Solutions with a Rapid Response


Adams Electric, a full-service electrical contractor since 1988, was voted “The Best of Walworth County” two years in a row.  They specialize in complex industrial, commercial, farm and residential applications as well as GENERAC standby power solutions.  Adams Electric has a Core Focus and Niche to deliver powerful solutions with a rapid response to its customers in southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.


Prevent IT Down Time and Continue Rapid Response to Customers during/after Move


Adams Electric was searching for a new Managed Service Provider to help them during their move and future growth.  They wanted a great support team, improved production, no down time, and 24/7 remote monitoring to eliminate worry and keep their promise of “powerful solutions with a rapid response.”


River Run helps Adams Electric fulfill their niche by alleviating down time.  “Down time is a killer for us.  Our highly skilled team is available to provide 24-hour emergency service.  With everything running through computers, we need access 24/7 without hiccups,” says Dan Nor, Project Manager.  “Our phone system needs to be ‘up and running.’ Our voice system, managed through our network switch, comes through our internet provider, which has to be ‘up and running’ to keep us accessible to our customers and team. 


Adams Electric currently has 50 employees, 35 in the field and 15 in the office.  They recently expanded to a new facility, about four times the size of their previous location.  Their growth plans required a Managed IT firm who could grow with them and support them.  Their previous Managed Service Provider was slow to respond and did not have the bandwidth to meet their needs. 


Managed IT and Dedicated Team support Systems and Growth


A four-part support process called R-Managed IT was implemented to: 1) discover the best solutions for Adams Electric, 2) monitor hardware maintenance and software updates during and after the move, 3) assure the network is secure, and 4) manage the IT strategy for future growth. 


“We use River Run’s dedicated R-Team Model,” states Nor.  “Team Orion, one of their four teams, knows our business and our infrastructure.  We can rely on the same Account Executive, Technical Service Manager (TSM) and Senior Engineer to work with us,” he adds. 


Easy Discovery Process and Thorough Assessment IDs Needs, Creates Roadmap for Move and Growth


River Run’s easy R-Discovery process helped Adams Electric assess upfront needs and identify opportunities to improve their IT network and upgrade Windows 7 devices.  “We enjoyed the thoroughness of the report,” says Nor.  “We laid out our thought process for setting up the equipment for the new office and River Run helped us fine tune it.  We also identified some new hardware issues that were dealt with,” he adds.


“The day of the move, River Run was onsite for us.  They provided the network switches and made sure we were ‘up and running’ when our internet service was switched to the new facility.  River Run made it a smooth transition for us.  That’s the day we switched over to River Run full time,” touts Nor.


Since then, there have not been any major issues.  River Run came in later to install an antivirus.  It was planned in advance so the disruption was minimal and all employees expected and experienced a short period without the use of their computers.


Remote Monitoring Minimizes Potential Issues and Supports Rapid Response


Adams Electric’s main goal was to minimize any issues during and after the move, so they could be managed before becoming a potential problem.  R-Monitoring with Maintenance was a perfect solution.  It is a 24/7/365 remote monitoring and alerting system that proactively monitors the network and workstations. When and if issues occur, an alert is automatically sent to River Run’s Orion support team so a technician can address the issue as quickly as possible. Many times, issues can be fixed before they become problems. Remote Monitoring also supports Adams Electric’s customer promise of Rapid Response.


Up Time supported by IT Help Desk


River Run’s R-IT Help Desk is available 24/7/365.  “If I email our TSM, he may be buried some days and not be able to get back to me, but the response time is great with R-IT Help Desk.  They always respond within the 4-hour window they promise.  If something is delayed, it’s on our end, because we’re in the middle of something.  It’s good to know the company has the bandwidth we need,” says Nor.


Since working with River Run, Adams Electric has not experienced any down time.  The company tries taking care of easy issues internally, but if it is out their scope, River Run is there to keep them ‘up and running.’


In the future, Adams Electric may add R-Backup and Road Mapping to help identify budget and scheduling needs for their planned growth, which is forecasted to double in a few short years.


“I’ve been very happy with River Run.  They have their company together, run a good business and take care of clients,” states Nor.