As we get closer to 2024, we all know how important technology is to our business operations. But, as we use more technology, the costs can start to add up. As a leader in your organization, finding smart ways to handle these growing tech expenses is a must.

What is happening now?

Research by Deloitte shows that companies will spend much more on healthcare IT in 2024. Spiceworks had 68% of their surveyed businesses report that they will spend more on technology in 2024, and that the average increase in budget is 6% over 2023. The exciting part about budgeting more? This should mean better service, client and employee experiences, staying competitive, and achieving more profitability. And also doing so through the use of things like AI and Big Data. The challenging part? Figuring out how to pay for all of it without breaking the bank.

The challenge that we all face

As tech costs go up, companies are facing a few big problems. Unexpected costs can pop up, managing deals with many different vendors can get confusing, and ensuring you get value for your money is tough. There are server hardware replacements that could see an increase in cost of over 25% in 2024, which has companies looking at hybrid or a full migration to virtual severs in the cloud now rather than waiting until 2025 or beyond. On top of that, keeping client and company data safe is a big responsibility.

River Run is here to help

This is where River Run comes in to help. River Run is experienced in helping organizations like yours manage tech costs effectively. By closely checking all your tech expenses and network, River Run has the expertise to find mistakes and services you do not need or can reduce or replace with more cost-effective options. We offer tailored solutions designed for organizations by industry and compliance standards to simplify processes and show clearly what is being spent and where.

Planning and Road Mapping with River Run

River Run is also great at helping you plan your tech budget for the future. We use real-time data to help predict your budget needs, helping you avoid surprise costs and make smart choices for a successful future. And our CIO Services Team works with you to road map your technology future for the next three years and beyond.

Keeping things safe and following the rules

In a time when data breaches are common and can cost a lot of money, River Run helps by making sure you follow all the rules and keep data safe. By organizing your tech spending properly, River Run not only saves you money but also helps protect your reputation and maintains the trust of your clients.


As we move into 2024, using technology wisely is not just a choice; it is a must. The good news is that with River Run’s help, you can use technology to its fullest without the stress of ballooning costs.

Team up with River Run for a stress-free, smart, and secure approach to tech management. Helping you welcome 2024 with smart planning and a focus on outstanding service, all while keeping costs under control is our mutual goal as your trusted partner.



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