Phishing attacks have reached record highs this year. Worryingly, in the third quarter of this year alone, phishing attacks skyrocketed by a staggering 173%, compared to the previous three months.

And malware? It is not far behind, with a 110% increase over the same period.

Let us put this into perspective. Imagine you are on a quiet beach, enjoying the sun and the surf. Suddenly, the tide starts to rise rapidly. Before you know it, your picnic basket is floating away, and you are knee-deep in water. That is what is happening in the cyber world right now.

According to a report, the ‘phisherfolk’ group were most active in August, casting out more than 207.3 million phishing emails. That is nearly double the amount in July. September was not much better, with 172.6 million phishing emails.

But who are these cyber criminals targeting? Old favorites Facebook and Microsoft continue to top the charts, with Facebook accounting for more phishing URLs than the next seven most spoofed brands combined.

So, what is the bottom line here?

Your business could be next.

Phishing attacks are like a rising tide, and if you are not careful, they can quickly sink your business. They target everyone - from tech giants to financial institutions, and even government agencies. The question is – are you prepared?

Take a moment to consider the authenticity of emails. Are they from a trusted source? Do they contain suspicious links? Are they asking for sensitive information?

Make sure your employees are aware of the risks. Encourage them to think twice before clicking on a link or downloading an attachment. After all, a moment's hesitation could save your business from a devastating cyber attack.

And do not forget about integrated email security solutions and phishing awareness training. They could be the thing that best help you prevent an attack.

So, as the tide of phishing attacks continues to rise, remember – it is better to be safe than sorry.

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