In the context of rapidly evolving technology and cybersecurity accompanied by increased workplace flexibility and a global shift towards remote operations, the world is abuzz with the desire to maximize productivity and results while enhancing how data is protected.

So, what is the difference between data science and cybersecurity?

In a nutshell, the key objective of data science is to extract valuable insight by processing big data into specialized and more structured sets for better internal and external strategy, workflow, communication, and results.

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting electronic data systems from criminal or unauthorized behavior. The discipline functions as a preventative measure that defends confidential data and data processes from unwanted attacks and breaches.

The primary challenges of working in the cyber industry are rapidly evolving technologies, the continuous emergence of new threats to thwart, and society’s increasing dependence on digital systems. This means cybersecurity professionals are constantly learning and adapting to stay ahead of the curve and potential threats. This literally makes it near impossible for companies that do not have a dedicated, expert cybersecurity team that is constantly learning and implementing new cyber tools and the latest protections to be able to stay ahead of the bad actors.

Data scientists and consultants on the other hand have a more abstract role, as their work is not purely focused on analytics or engineering, but rather a multidisciplinary function that comprises a mix of collecting, extracting, and analyzing large amounts of data from multiple sources. The area requires understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, such as support-vector machines, regression, cluster analysis, and neural networks. They also have to be able to generate reports and strategic recommendations for greater automation, workflow improvements, client communication and marketing, and future road mapping.

The tools for managing and analyzing data have become much more powerful, and companies want to use their data to understand the past, make good decisions in the present, and predict the future.

Companies also want to ensure that they are protecting their data with the right strategy, tools, and monitoring to not suffer through an attack.

So how do you do both?

A firm dedicated to excellence in cybersecurity like River Run joins forces with a company like King Innovative to ensure a client has expert resources in all aspects of data management and cybersecurity.

For three decades, River Run has been the premier provider of IT network management and support, while developing a cybersecurity portfolio and strategy called R-Security to ensure their clients have the latest protections and strategic roadmapping at an affordable investment.

Like River Run, King Innovative has been helping companies for over a decade in how they mature in their understanding of how to collect, sort, analyze, and utilize their data. This results in greater employee and client relationships with better productivity through workflow planning, automation, and marketing.

Whether you are looking to unleash the power of your data or reign in potential weaknesses in how your data is protected, River Run and King Innovative are the experts that will help you and your team. For more information, call Jessie Smith at 414-228-7474 or email us at info@river-run.com.



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