Who does not love the convenience of workplace collaboration tools and messaging apps like Slack, Teams, and Zoom?

We can chat with colleagues, share files, hold meetings, and even discuss sensitive topics without leaving our comfortable home offices. It is all sunshine and rainbows… until cyber attackers decide to rain on your parade.

You see, whilst these platforms have become a blessing for productivity, they have also opened Pandora’s box of cyber security risks.

Did you know that Slack, despite using encryption, does not feature end-to-end encryption? It is believed this is so clients can maintain visibility into their company’s communications.

Or that if you use WhatsApp for your business, it has been exploited in a variety of social engineering attacks?

And let us not forget Telegram, which has become a prime target for cyber attackers.

This has given birth to a new attack category – Business Communication Compromise (BCC), a sinister cousin of the more familiar Business Email Compromise (BEC).

Eighty-two percent of data breaches involve the human element, according to a 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report. An innocent clicks on a phishing email, and your communication platforms become a playground for cyber attackers.

Here is how you can stay safe:

  • Enforce strict access controls, so only people who are supposed to get onto your platform can do so. Something simple like multi-factor authentication can be a powerful deterrent.
  • Implement data loss prevention measures. Use a system with encryption and make sure lost or stolen devices can be remotely wiped.
  • And train your team how to protect sensitive information.

River Run will help you stay better protected.



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