insight Advisory Services

Strategy and Planning for your Future

gaining vision and control over your IT needs

63% of small business owners feel “overwhelmed” when it comes to technology. 59% say there are “insufficient resources” available in small business communities to help them.

River Run Computers’ inSight Advisory Services answers that need.

Through inSight our clients gain the visibility and management expertise to maximize their ROI and gain confidence in setting their IT directions. We make sure your networks are secure, adaptable, and your IT support and management expenditures are well considered, properly prioritized, and designed to meet your growing needs.

listening, understanding

inSight begins by listening to you, understanding your specific business goals. Objectives, and concerns. We can perform network, application, and security reviews, discover and unearth problems, sniff out improvements, and then create and review with you a custom, comprehensive report and plan for your IT future.

experienced support

Consult with senior advisors with decades of business experience to gain the benefits of inSight. 

Our services follow a top down approach resulting in clear answers and directions without having to hire more people. Most of you, (72%) indicate new technology will offer a bigger return on your investment than new employees. Make sure you are investing smartly.

Our consulting covers:

  • C-level Advice, Management, and Consultation on a fractional basis
  • Strategic Planning and Budgeting Roadmaps
  • IT Governance Policies and Practices Manuals
  • Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Cybersecurity Defense Strategies
  • Workplace Efficiency

Don't hesitate to work with a partner that will help you succeed. River Run advisors will help develop plans to give you visibility and keep your company safe and moving forward!