Workstation Setup

We'll get you set up!

Whether your company is looking to move into a new location or you need to install a new workstation, we can make it easy. We can provide the technicians, tools and resources you will need to quickly and seamlessly move your equipment from one location to another. If you are planning to re-arrange your workspace or install new equipment, River Run takes the guess work out of the process. 

We are able to determine if there are other factors or hurdles that need to be evaluated prior to the move. Once the move has begun, we make sure all your equipment is running as smoothly as it was prior to the move.

Developing a strategic plan for future growth and work spaces may be necessary for your business. River Run also offers extended services called the CIO program that will help you develop a growth plan and prepare for budgeting and equipment layouts. For more information, check out our Consulting Services page.