Posted by Paul Riedl

May 23, 2017 7:47:35 AM


Last week, tens of thousands of organizations worldwide were brought to their knees by a large-scale ransomware cyberattack called WANNACRY. River Run clients were unaffected, thanks to our advanced network monitoring and support services.

This global attack used a tool stolen from the National Security Administration (NSA) and exploited networks where TCP port 445 was exposed to the internet. We learned about WANNACRY early in its deployment and took immediate action to prevent it from affecting our client networks:

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Topics: Network Security, Cyber Security, ransomware

Ransomware Alert: Popcorn Time

Posted by Blog Tipster

Dec 12, 2016 4:21:48 PM

data security.jpgA new ransomware called Popcorn Time has recently been discovered infecting computers and holding data for ransom. (This virus is not associated with the application Popcorn Time.) The newest ransomware is causing much controversy because not only does it takes your files for ransom, but in order to release your files, it also requests that you take some unethical steps to recover a decryption key.

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