Why should I outsource IT?

Posted by Shaun Kamps

Sep 14, 2017 8:57:00 AM

  • Profitability:  An IT firm can be a key factor in improving your company’s net worth by reducing downtime and making sure your network is up and running.
  • Decreases a company’s overhead:  Outsourcing eliminates the cost of hiring a new employee. (training, health insurance, retirement plans, salary related taxes, etc.)
  • Allows a company to stay focused:  Hiring an IT firm allows you to focus on your expertise, while the IT firm can focus on theirs.
  • Access to high-class IT specialists:  Instead of just the knowledge of one person, you gain an entire team of professionals who have made a career out of technology through training, certifications and experience.
  • Free up internal resources:  Allows having someone in the office who is “pretty good” with computers, but hired for a different role to concentrate on their specialty. 
  • Advanced technologies:  access to innovative technologies allows your company to stay abreast of new industry developments.
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What does the River Run RSVP mean? - Network Maintenance

Posted by Blog Tipster

Mar 13, 2013 3:04:00 PM

Proactive Network Maintenance

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