July Tech Flash 2016

Posted by Theresa Hietpas

Jul 28, 2016 8:00:00 AM


FB_image_JULY.jpgWelcome to the July edition of the River Run Tech Flash. We are excited to provide you with useful information and tips to save you time and money in the areas of technology.

We have a lot of information to share with you! If you have additional articles or information you would like to see made available to others, please send them to us! Our goal is to provide our clients with the knowledge that will make their systems more efficient and secure.

Feel free to share the information with others! If you know other businesses that need our assistance, send them our way. We greatly appreciate referrals!





The free upgrade is ending! After July 29, you will not longer be able to download the free Windows 10 upgrade without paying a fee. The upgrade price for Windows 10 Pro will jump to $199.  Find out if you need to upgrade by contacting us!  

Need help upgrading? Contact River Run to assist with the upgrade to Windows 10!

Click here to contact us!



Introducing Our New Service Model!

Bringing more value to our clients.

We have streamlined our teams and structure to offer you better service, faster response time and a single point of contact. We are committed to providing our clients the best value in IT Services. 

Our teams consist of the right balance of talent and experience. Each team meets regularly to discuss issues and scheduling.

  • Main point of contact. The Technical Services Manager (TSM) will be your main point of contact for inquiries or feedback and will be most familiar with your account. 
  • Each Team consists of a variety of skill sets.  
  • Monthly reports specific to your account. 
  • Quarterly update visits with TSM and Account Executive. 
  • Faster response time. 
  • Set Team familiar with your account. 

We have assembled our teams and are continually looking for areas for improvement and efficiency. All of our RSVP clients have been assigned to one of our teams. Want to see what all the excitement is about? Contact us to prove to you how our Team Model is different than any other!



Pokemon Go Craze!

Are you following the craze of Pokemon Go? Do you know what it is and why it is taking the world by storm? Here is a quick lesson on how to play!

Pokémon Go is an Augmented Reality MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game, which allows players to Capture, Trade and Battle virtual creatures (Pokémon) in the real world. Pokémon Go can be played on Mobile Devices and requires both GPS and an Internet connection to play.

The game can be downloaded in either the Google Play App Store (Android users) or the iTunes App Store (iOS users). Depending on your device, simply head over to either Virtual Store and search Apps for “ Pokémon Go”. Click on “Install” and you should be good to go. 

Once installed, you are able to start exploring and capturing Pokémons. There are a variety of different kinds of Pokemon with different strengths and weaknesses. Some are harder to defeat than others. You can also train your Pokémon and battle with other Pokémon. 

But as a warning, pay attention to where you are tracking the Pokémon. There have been numerous accidents from people not being aware of their real-world surroundings and finding themselves in bad situations!



CryptoLocker Still Active

We have a way of knowing.

As a service to our clients, we are implementing CryptoDetect- a special code developed by our Engineers to monitor files and detect if CryptoLocker has infected your system.


What The Script Will Do: 

  • Detect the presence of files “Dropped” by CryptoLocker variants 
  • Log the detection as a Windows event 
  • Send the log file to our Alerting System (ARMS) and the Client 
  • The client will receive both an email and an On Screen Pop-Up 


  • Early Detection 
  • Less time and cost for remediation 
  • Faster response 
  • Identification of affected user 
  • Increased likelihood of identifying original source 

This new script provides an additional layer of security and early detection against CryptoLocker. By having advance warning that the malware has infected your system, we can help prevent further destruction and damage to your network.



Vision Forward is the Blue's Egg Charity of August!

Vision Forward provides a continuum of services, from birth through adulthood, to people with visual impairments, helping them achieve important developmental milestones as well as educational, personal and professional goals. 

As a member of this organization, we are excited to promote Vision Forward as the Charity of the Month at Blue's Egg.

During the month of August, Blue's Egg will donate $1 of every Egg Plate to Vision Forward.

Blue’s Egg Plate Charity changes every month, and it’s one of the ways they hope to help support our community. Their goal is to provide hospitality, vision and a slice of community every day.  They’ve supported 67 Egg Plates Charities and more than 269 local organizations with this program and Vision Forward is excited to partner with them!

Head out for a delicious breakfast this August with your family and friends or plan your next meeting at Blue’s Egg and show your support of Vision Forward!


What's new at River Run?

We have quite a few things happening within River Run! With the roll out of our new Service Model and the implementation of CryptoDetect, our Engineers have been busy! Here are some other things that we have been doing:

WOZ-123-CM2D3226.jpegOur very own Paul Riedl, Jr. was lucky enough to meet "The Woz", Steve Wozniak at the DattoCon2016 in Nashville. River Run attended the show and gathered information to assist our clients with backup solutions and new products. Stay tuned for more!




Baraa_Abbas.jpgCongratulations to Baraa Abbas on passing his CCNA Exam! Baraa has spent quite a bit of time studying for this exam and we are excited to hear that he is now certified. As a Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA), he will be able to assist with routing and switching technologies. Way to go Baraa!




Eudora_Inman.jpgWe are excited to introduce our newest member to the River Run Team - 
Eudora Inman as our Operations Associate! She brings with her years of customer service and vendor relations experience to the Ops Group! Eudora will make a great fit to our River Run culture!




Thanks for reading our July Tech Flash! Hope you enjoyed the articles!


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