August 2016 Tech Flash

Posted by Theresa Hietpas

Aug 26, 2016 2:04:19 PM


FB_image_AUG.jpgSummer is winding down and the kids are headed back to school. We have been busy working with our clients to prep them for another school year as well as helping our clients maintain their systems! 

Welcome to the August edition of the Tech Flash! Here is where you will find articles and information to keep our clients informed on industry news as well as River Run happenings. If you have additional articles or information you would like to see made available to others, please send them to us! 

Feel free to share the information with others! If you know other businesses that need our assistance, send them our way. We greatly appreciate referrals! 



Have you met your TSM?

As introduced in our July Tech Flash, our new service model provides a Technical Services Manager (TSM) to every client. The TSM is your resource for questions, issues and status updates. So who is your TSM?

Today at River Run, we have 4 teams: Gemini, Orion, Draco, and Atlas. The Technical Service Manager for each team is as follows:

Casey_Schroeder.jpgTeam Gemini:  Casey Schroeder          Sal_Scalici.jpg Team Orion: Sal Scalici


Clare_van_Veldhuisen.jpgTeam Draco: Clare van Veldhuisen         Giovanni_Zizzo-1.jpg Team Atlas: Giovanni Zizzo


Each team consists of Systems Engineers, Systems Administrators, System Specialist, and Support Desk Specialists that are familiar with your account and can assist with any issues. The combination of technicians on each team showcases the expertise needed for the clients under that team. 

The TSMs are your first point of contact for any issues or concerns. They also manage the scheduling and the technicians on the team.



Be on alert!

Beware of email attachments with your domain name.

We have become aware of another malware campaign that targets its users with email attachments that look like they are from your website domain. 

Don't be fooled into opening these attachments. If you have any doubt in your mind whether it could be a virus, delete the file, contact River Run and then ask the sender to verify.

You are better off taking precautions and removing the virus before it can do any damage to your system or your network.


Are you prepared for a Cyber Breach?

What do your employees do if they believe there is a security breach? Is there a policy in place and are all employees aware of the policy?

Security breaches continue to threaten companies every day. Even if you think your company is too small for a data breach, you may be wrong. Hackers go after any vulnerable target that can get them the information they are after. This includes social security numbers, employee information, credit card numbers, saved passwords, payroll information, employee lists, client names etc... The list goes on and on! 

Don't put your company or your employees at risk by not having the proper tools in place to protect your data. Training and policies are the first defense in keeping your network safe and secure. 



iPhone Software Update

New security hack targets iPhones.

Apple is urging iPhone users to download and install the latest software update iOS 9.3.5. This update patches the vulnerabilities that have been exposed.

Read more from the article at

Make sure you stay up to date on your iOS system to protect it from vulnerabilites and viruses.


160825184107-dominos-drone-delivery-780x439.jpegPizza delivery by drone!

Can you imagine looking into the sky and seeing your pizza being delivered? It sounds so out of this world! But it is coming sooner than you think! 

Check out this article from!




HiRes.jpgWhat's new at River Run?

We are rolling out our new Security Application called CryptoDetect. If you are currently a River Run RSVP or TNM client, we will be securing your system with this new script that will alert us if your system is targeted by CryptoLocker. 

What The Script Will Do: 

  • Detect the presence of files “Dropped” by CryptoLocker variants 
  • Log the detection as a Windows event 
  • Send the log file to our Alerting System (ARMS) and to our Client 
  • The client will receive both an email and an On Screen Pop-Up 


  • Early Detection 
  • Less time and cost for remediation 
  • Faster response 
  • Identification of affected user 
  • Increased likelihood of identifying original source 

This new script provides an additional layer of security and early detection against CryptoLocker. By having advance warning that the malware has infected your system, we can help prevent further destruction and damage to your network from that malware.

If you would like more information about CryptoDetect and getting the script added to your network, please give us a call at: 414-228-7474.


Thanks for reading our August Tech Flash! Hope you enjoyed the articles!


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