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Application Services Group

Software/ERP Evaluation and Selection

find and use the right tools

There are so many different vendors developing software applications and complex ERP systems.. How do you know which is right for you?

One of our key roles is working with clients to define their needs and budgets, and then sort through what exists in the market to find the best application from the best vendors. We don’t pretend to know everything, but we have developed key metrics and specific questions, that can separate the also ran, from best in class.

why not just use search engine results

Of course, you can use search engine lists and reviews, but they don’t truly explore or sit through demos of the applications to uncover hidden or clumsy interfaces. We do.

Search engine evaluations don’t always look at the financial health or history of the companies. We do.

experience and time

Often we have experience with the industry leading applications. We’ve got experience updating them, patching them, supporting them, or migrating their data. So even if you think you have the time to evaluate software packages to find the right one, you might miss details we have learned through working with the software or other clients that have. With hundreds of like clients, the chances are good, one of our staff has dealt with their tech support, or our support desk has had to troubleshoot a problem, or we’ve even gone through the evaluation and selection process in the past.

erp systems

We often work with companies that are struggling with their ERP implementations. Sometimes they have purchased the wrong software. Sometimes they haven't implemented them correctly. Often, they haven't trained their workers completely or aren't using all the integrated modules as they were designed.

Selecting the right ERP system is a VERY IMPORTANT decision. Let us help you guide the process. What you might spend with us, you will save in final negotiations with the vendor or with increased efficiency and productivity

After all is said, you make money using the right software, we make you money by finding the right software.