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Whether you need simple collaborative document storage, a sophisticated intranet site, or to control complex workflows, SharePoint implementations can be customized to streamline pretty much any aspect of business collaboration you can think of.

SharePoint combines the best features of websites, databases, and document/list management systems to provide secure, easily provisioned, customizable workspaces or portals that integrate natively with Microsoft Office products and services. SharePoint is a powerful platform upon which to develop customized business tools and sites.

The use and administration of these sites can be easy; however, their design or creation can become complex and time consuming. Let River Run help you configure exactly what you need.

Training and webinars

And when we are done helping you configure your SharePoint sites, River Run offers user and administration training. We can customize the training to the number of employees and the time frames that you want. Let us show you how to maximize the benefits of using a cloud based solution and how it can benefit your business.

what do you want to build? Imagine the possibilities

Document or List Management: A site for colleagues or companies to manage shared documents or lists, and to work together on them. It provides document libraries for storing the most current documents, ability to check documents in and out, version control, and archiving. It allows multiple views into the library depending on role or need, custom meta-tags for easy sorting, categories, and advanced search capabilities.

Websites, Public or Private Intranets: Sites for teams to organize, author, and share information. It can provide document libraries and or lists for managing announcements, calendar items, tasks, and discussions.

Collaboration Workspaces: Sites to plan, organize, or capture project information, or maybe the results of a meeting. It could provides contact lists, tasks, agendas, important documents.

Blogs or Social Media: A site for a manager or team to post ideas, observations, and expertise that site visitors can comment on and rate.

Shared Calendar and Task Assignment: Keep track of multiple user or company calendars. Assign tasks that sync with personal Outlook lists.

...and that is just the beginning!