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Regularly Scheduled Visit Program

RSVPRiver Run Computers offers our clients network maintenance through the Regular Scheduled Visit Program (RSVP). The RSVP is customizable depending on your business’ IT needs regarding the maintenance and management of your network.

The RSVP includes critical maintenance and security reviews to keep your business up and running. This is our most popular option for keeping your system secure.

Proactive Maintenance

By reviewing your network on a scheduled basis, we can ensure that your system runs effectively and efficiently. We can analyze your network trends to avoid potential issues or downtime.

Team Of Experts Assigned To Each Client

Aligned River Run Teams focused on ensuring client satisfaction and success.

Benefits include:

  • Team of Experts including Technical Services Manager, Assistant Technical Services Manager, a Senior Systems Engineer, Systems Administrators, Systems Specialists, and Support Desk Specialists.
  • Customized Quarterly Activity Reports
  • Better Response Time
  • Team Familiar with Your Account

Internal Documentation

Our team will keep accurate documentation for all of your maintenance visits. In addition, our technicians provide a follow-up email with the list of services that were performed at the visit as well as future items needing attention.

Scheduled Visits and Checklist

By having a scheduled visit for maintenance, River Run can ensure that your system is updated and running smoothly. Less on your to-do list! Depending on your needs, we will schedule maintenance visits that accommodate you.

Everyone at River Run has been so supportive and thoughtful in teaching me anything I could possibly want to know, so I am very appreciative! Thank you! -current client