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Are you at risk for security threats?

Has your network been evaluated?

Data security has become a high priority recently thanks to the data breaches of large retail and banking companies. But even the smaller companies are at risk as well. Malware, viruses, spam, skimming, and phishing are common forms of cyber attacks that can affect your data. 

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and wondering if the back door is locked and the alarm is set. You rise out of bed and head down to check the doors and the alarm. You find the alarm set but the door not locked. You lock the door and head back to bed and fall asleep knowing you are secure. A simple fix for a potentially big security issue.

Now imagine waking up in the middle of the night wondering if the “backdoor” is open on your business’ network. You rise out of bed and pace back and forth worrying about the security of your network. Did malware get into our system? Did the software vendor leave an open port on our firewall? Was a password compromised? Is my printer providing a security weakness? Are my applications causing unintentional vulnerabilities? 93% of U.S. businesses have holes in their security – are you one of those?

How do you address those security issues so that you can sleep well at night? River Run has the solution! We offer different types of vulnerability and penetration testing and reporting so that your network cannot be compromised by external sources or internal errors.

Our scanning services will give you peace of mind knowing that all the "doors are locked AND the alarms are set!"


Did you know that ransomware is 1 of 5 serious network security threats affecting small and medium-sized companies today? Read all about ransomware and the 4 other serious network security threats in our FREE special report: "5 major network security threats you cannot afford to ignore".