Why Do I Need Offsite Backup?

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Apr 9, 2014 11:27:33 AM

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All businesses face the extreme threat of disaster,  which can range from a total catastrophe to hardware failures or even deleted files.  No matter what type of disaster it may be, it can happen at any time and it certainly pays to be prepared for.  It is recommended to use an offsite backup strategy to be properly prepared.  Offsite data backup can be accomplished in a couple different ways, it can either be physically transported or can be sent remotely.  Some companies will back up to tape or a removable hard drive and then transfer it daily.  Others send their data offsite automatically, which is a more modern approach to store your data offsite.  In this article we will focus on the benefits of the more modern approach, remote backup.

1)  It saves time and reduces manual workload.  Standard backup solutions will require someone at your office to manually backup your information and transport the data offsite daily.  Many remote backup solutions can be set up to automatically backup at certain times of the day, to save you the time of doing it yourself. 

2)  Easy to set up and maintain.   Setting up an automatic remote backup can be a one-time project.  Once you set it up you will still need to regularly check to ensure that backups are being done correctly, but if you set it up to an automatic schedule all you will have to do is regularly check to ensure your backups are working. 

3)  Very Secure.  Sending your data offsite will likely store your information at servers in a secure location.  Typically your data will be transferred using encryption tools to keep your data secure.

4)  Money Savings.  If you are backing up a large amount of data and you need to backup regularly, physical storage can be very costly.  Typically automatic offsite backup will come at a monthly flat fee for predictable spending and minimal time investment. 

5)  More Reliable.  Probably the most important benefit of using automatic remote backup is that it better ensures your data will be backed up.  Your data can be scheduled to automatically backup offsite, thus removing the worry of your data being forgotten to be backed up.  Having data backed up in numerous locations will ensure your data is available if your server onsite crashes.  Lastly, with data being backed up regularly it will be much easier to recover a file if you do accidently delete something.  

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