When you first meet Paul Wajgel, you are bound to smile. He’s a laid back, good-looking guy that seems like he doesn’t have a care in the world. You feel like you’ve met him before, and conversation is easy. You also get the sense that while Paul has just put you at ease, he’s also a man on a mission – and it seems important, but he’s making time for you. He cares.

Wajgel is on a mission and more than one. When he is not “pounding the pavement” to take care of and bring in new business for his company, he’s leading collegiate players on the ice.

For over eight years, Paul has been a successful Account Executive at River Run, a provider of exceptional IT and Managed Service experiences that has been operating out of Glendale, Wisconsin for 28 years. He is successful because he always puts the client first to ensure that all of their IT needs are achieved with a clear roadmap for the future.

Because of his belief in his team, Paul has acquired many new clients for River Run Technical Services to assist and guide with daily IT operations as well as long-term planning and project-based work. He is credited by clients for his ability to guide a business from prospect to partner in a seamless way. One might say he glides them through it with focus, by listening, and by tailoring a solution to help them win by hitting goal after goal.

Paul also has belief in another winning team, one that he once played for during his days as a student at UWM. He is the head coach of the hockey team there, and if that is not “cool” enough, their strong finish in 2019 landed him an All Conference Coaching honor, a spot as an assistant coach for the All-Star team and an appearance in the ACHA National Championship Tournament for the first time in school history.

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UWM is an ACHA Division 3 men’s ice hockey team. They are a part of the M3 Pacific Region and play in the Mid-America Collegiate Hockey League Silver-North division. The team consists of students taking at least 9 credits at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Some players have junior hockey experience, and all have played Varsity hockey in High School. Their home arena is the Ponds of Brookfield, with occasional games and practices happening at Panther Arena in downtown Milwaukee.

Like many other college sports, the team is sidelined now due to the pandemic, but last season was an epic and exciting run for Paul and his team of players, coaches, assistants, supporters, and fans.

As Paul sat down to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast last year, he was able to add to his thankful list qualifying for Nationals for the first time in school history, while also looking at the following ranking for the newly 2019-2020 season:

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Of course. there is much more Paul Wajgel than work and hockey. When he’s not on the ice, he enjoys a round of golf, driving his boat, or visiting with family in Minocqua. He’s happy to share more if you connect with him or to grab a coffee or a beer. Just be prepared to spend more time talking about your mission(s) and goals because he’s a great listener and he loves goals be they by keyboard, pen, or puck. Just ask his team. Either will do.

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