What is Microsoft Office 365?

Posted by Theresa Hietpas

Sep 8, 2015 4:47:59 PM

So What is This “Microsoft Office 365?”


It can be just about anything you want it to be.  All of the Microsoft Office 365 plans are per-user subscriptions, at a price any small to mid-size business can afford. Even for much larger business, it’s an attractive hassle-free experience that can be well-worth the cost in many situations.

In its simplest version, Office 365 Essentials, gives offices all the benefits of hosted Microsoft Exchange – like group mailboxes, shared calendars & lots of email storage space – without the expense or hassle of maintaining an in-house Exchange Server.  PLUS – you get web-versions of Outlook, Word, Excel & PowerPoint to make managing your email effortless, whether you are at the office or on the go.  You also get instant messaging, online meetings, and video conferencing with the Skype for Business app, a terabyte (that’s a LOT) of online storage per user, and SharePoint, which can be used as a company intranet or information management system.

Want traditional desktop versions of Microsoft Office too?  Move up to Office 365 Business Premium, and get everything above, PLUS the full offline versions of Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and OneNote on up to five PCs or Macs per user, as well as Office for up to five tablets and five phones per user (we HOPE you don’t have five phones!). That means you can have the same Microsoft Office programs you use every day at multiple offices, at home, on a laptop, and on any mobile device you think you might use.  Need to install it on the fly?  Your subscription lets you download the software from anywhere, anytime.  Don’t want to install it on a machine you’re using, but need to work?  Use the online versions for most common tasks.  

Are you looking for an inter-office social network, or digital storytelling & presentation tools? They’re in there too.  Need a simple business website? You might be able to do that with SharePoint as part of your subscription.  Document sharing and collaboration? It’s in there.  And we’ll tell you a lot more about the incredible power of OneNote as a digital organization tool in our next blog post.

If you need HIPAA or financial industry compliance tools, data loss prevention, legal hold, discovery compliance or other rights management tools, talk to us about Enterprise level subscriptions.

Want to know more?  Ask us about our two-hour Microsoft Office 365 Fly-over course to bring you up to speed on internet-based v. desktop features, get you started with OneNote and plant the seed of possibilities for your firm with SharePoint ideas.  Or, give your salesperson a call today, to see which plan is right for you. Click here for additional information.

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