Flow Integrates with Dozens of Applications

Microsoft has been advertising “Work less, do more” for quite a while now.  Flow is an app that allows you to do just that.  Think Outlook rules…but better and way more powerful.  Flow not only integrates with Microsoft Office applications, but dozens more like Twitter, Google Docs and StaffHub.

Flow Triggers Notifications and Alerts

Flow is commonly used to trigger notifications, like getting daily weather reports, receiving an alert email when an addition is made to a SharePoint List or sending yourself an email about Tweets containing a specific keyword.

Microsoft makes it easy – there are dozens of Flow templates for you to use and modify.

Choose a category and a template, then run the wizard.

And Viola!

And Viola!


The above example demonstrates very basic functionality, but these can get pretty fancy.  You can create a Flow to send SharePoint list data to a spreadsheet daily or create a Flow to run multiple/consecutive steps. 

If You Need Help

Microsoft’s intent is for end-users to be able to able to create Flows without assistance from developers or tech support and some of our clients can.  For the rest, it can be mind-boggling.  So, start to track what functions you perform in sequence or often every day.  Give River Run’s Application Services Group a call (414-228-7474) to discuss automating those.  We’ll be able to fashion a training session addressing your real-life examples and consult with you regarding best practices and processes.  After all, we want you “Working Less and Doing More.”


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