Tips To Prevent a Data Breach

Posted by Theresa Hietpas

Jul 12, 2016 9:02:21 AM

Computer Hacking Continues to Rise-Tips to Keep you Secure

cybersecurity_icon.jpgThe threat of malware and data hacking has become a known threat to businesses of all sizes. Every day we read the headlines of another business that has been hacked and information has been stolen. So what can you do to protect your data?

Internal tips to reduce the risks of hacking:

  1. Change your passwords often and use secure, hard to decipher passwords.
  2. Do not download files from websites that are suspicious.
  3. Avoid opening email attachments from people you do not recognize.
  4. Use two factor authentication.
  5. Use Google Chrome with Ad-Blocking extensions to block malicious ads. uBlock Origin is a valid extension.
  6. Verify link locations before clicking them.
  7. Do not share personal or business information via public wi-fi. This includes uploading or downloading confidential information using wi-fi access.

Business systems need to be protected with additional precautions.

  1. Make sure you have up to date Anti-virus software.
  2. Protect your system with a trusted firewall.
  3. Make sure you stay current with Patches.

Hackers can be very sophisticated in their approach and have the ability to find the smallest defect in your security system to penetrate and steal valuable information. We continue to stress the importance of these tips to help keep your data safe.

Having a trusted IT partner to help secure your system is vital to businesses of all sizes. Our Systems Engineers can evaluate for penetration points and can assist in locking down those areas to prevent attacks. As your system and data evolves, so does your security and vulnerabilities. Having a continual testing process in place to identify areas of concern is a crucial part of preventing a major hack in your system. 



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