Smaller Companies Are Vulnerable Too!

Posted by Theresa Hietpas

Mar 11, 2015 3:00:00 PM

computer_safeIf you think your business is too small for data breaches or hacking, think again! Cyber Criminals use scripts or automated attacks for any company or employee that may be vulnerable and easily accessed. If you work on a computer and do not follow well-defined procedures, then your company may be at risk.

Take for example the town of Orange Park, Florida. Just recently in the news, the town of Orange Park had money stolen from their bank account after the town’s computer system was hacked. The hackers were able to steal approximately $491,000 from their account and transferred the funds into another account within less than 30 minutes.

By hacking into an employee’s email account and sending a virus-infected attachment to key personnel, the hackers were able to gain access to the bank account. Luckily the cyber-attack was caught in time and the town was able to reverse the transaction. But other companies are not so lucky.

But this type of cybercrime happens more than reported. Too often companies place internet security or policies lower on their priority list and therefore put their data at risk for an attack.

As new types of malware and vulnerabilities surface, our Engineers keep on top of them and the methods to stop them. Our Engineers say abreast of the Cyber Criminals methods and finding tools to block them. River Run Computers wants to help keep your business safe. Our newest Vulnerability Scan service can scan your network for possible security gaps and how to remediate them. In addition, River Run can also help train and teach your staff how to help prevent data breaches and hacking. Don’t become a target for Cyber Criminals. Contact River Run today to help protect your data and keep you up and running-securely!

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