Similarities Between The Brewers And Remote Management

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Apr 23, 2014 3:17:00 PM

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With the Brewers off to a great start this season, there has been a lot of talk and fans in Milwaukee are excited.  It may seem like an unlikely comparison, but in the spirit of this year’s baseball season we have found numerous similarities between the Brewers and remote management. What could a professional baseball team possibly have in common with remote management software? We are so glad you asked.

Minimal Downtime

Did you know that since opening day in March the Brewers have only had one day off?  Today will be their 19th day in a row playing baseball.  As for remote monitoring, it will assist you in minimizing your network’s downtime.  With 24X7 monitoring and alerting, you will be able to proactively monitor your network, and when action is required an alert will be triggered to resolve the issue before it leads to additional downtime.  Downtime on average costs small and medium sized business $12,500 per day!  So while the Brewers rarely get to take a break, neither will your network with remote management, and that is a good thing!

Popular With The People

In June of 2012 Miller Park was crowned the top ballpark in the country, in ESPN’s Battle of the Ballparks.  Thanks to the passionate fans of Milwaukee, Miller Park beat out the likes of Camden Yards, Fenway, Wrigley, PNC and all others to take the title.  Remote management software has ticketing systems, linking end users directly to a support desk, as well as different tools to perform work remotely without the end user needing to have interaction.  End users are very happy with the ease of reporting issues, as well as the ability for issues to be resolved without much, if any interaction from them.

Help To Relax

There are not many things more relaxing than a day or night out to Miller Park to watch the Brewers.  Watching the Brewers especially when they are playing this well, is the perfect way to take a break and relax.  Having a network that is always being monitored is a huge relief for business owners and IT managers.  It is very comforting knowing one of your largest assets, your computer network, is protected.   

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