Signs your growing business needs to invest in technology

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Mar 26, 2014 10:49:39 AM


Many small businesses have recognized the benefits to their organization as a result of investing in technology.  Experts who study the small business community have recognized the dependence on technology as a major theme. Small businesses that are not putting in enough resources into their technology may be putting their business at risk in the long run, by losing a competitive edge.  There are many signs that your organization may need to take a second look at how you are handling your IT, and we have listed some below.

1)  Your business is growing very quickly. If your organization is growing very quickly, this is obviously great news, but are you prepared for the technology changes that come with it?  Many businesses when growing quickly, add new employees and expand operations, this can cause a lot of headaches and problems if not properly prepared for on the technology side.

2)  Email is a primary form of communication between your employees and your customers. You need to set back up plans for this critical piece of communication.  If your email server is down, or you accidentally delete all of your emails how will you communicate both internally and externally.

3)  You are constantly waiting for your technology to catch up to you.  The saying goes, time is money, and it is very true.  The more you are waiting on your technology to catch up to you, whether it is your workstation taking a while to start up or your applications continuously need to be closed and restarted, the less time you have to do your actual job.

4)  Your business lacks a sound disaster recovery plan.  After all the hard work you and your employees have spent to get the business growing, be sure that it is not all ruined with one disaster. Have a disaster recovery plan in place that will include keeping all of your critical information offsite, so that your business will be able to recover if a disaster were occur.  Be sure to avoid the common mistakes in a disaster recovery plan as well, found here. 

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