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Posted by Theresa Hietpas

May 14, 2015 10:00:00 AM

A Genius in Your Pocket

The number of Smartphone users keeps increasing each year. But are you aware of all the things it can do for you? There’s more computing power in that device than existed ten years ago, and some of the things it can do are nothing less than magic.  Here are just a few:


For those times when you need to make a copy of something or scan and email a document,  or even fax back a reply, there’s Genius Scan+.  Genius Scan, by The Grizzly Labs ( is available on Android and iOS, and even Windows.  There’s a free version and a $6.99 “Plus” version that is worth every penny. Just use your camera to snap a photo of the document. Genius scan overlays it with a grid to make sure it knows what you intended to scan, use your finger to adjust the grid if necessary, confirm the shape of your document, and it automatically adjusts the perspective to straighten out the text, enhances the document to make it easier to read, and in just a second or two, you have a perfect copy.  With the “Plus” version, email your document or save it to your favorite cloud service automatically. 

Or you can save it to OneNote, Microsoft’s genius organizational tool, which leads us to the second tip:

Microsoft Office is now available in mobile versions on both iOS and Android.  If you’re an Office 365 subscriber (and you can be for as little as $4 per month), you get the full suite of web-based apps on your mobile phone for free.  For as little as $12.50 a month, you can add the full suite of desktop software as well.  But even if you don’t subscribe, Microsoft has made OneNote a free tool for everyone.

Visit the OneNote website ( and download the software for your desktop and ALL your mobile devices…even Chromebook.  Think of OneNote as a digital three-ring binder.  All those clips and bits…scans, webpages, photos, meeting notes, you name it…quickly and easily organized into pages and tabs as you gather them.  It’s the organizational tool you dreamed of, and it’s beautifully suited to the quick things you do with your phone.  Need a quick grocery list? Open OneNote.  Planning a trip?  Collect your tickets, itineraries, destination webpages, ideas, packing lists, etc. in one organized section, as easily as saving a document, or scribbling a note.  Take advantage of Microsoft’s free OneDrive storage space, and you’ve got everything you need to know at your fingertips…wherever you go.

Already a OneNote fan, or on your way to becoming one?  Microsoft’s new Office Lens is a worthy GeniusScan+ competitor.  Already popular as a Windows phone app, it’s now available on iOS, and in preview on Android. (  It’s brilliant at capturing whiteboards and documents at funny angles, and of course, it saves directly to OneNote, OneDrive, or any of your Office applications.

River Run’s Application Services group is always looking for the tools and applications that make your life easier, and your work better. If you’ve got a tip, trick or idea, we’d love to hear it. And if you’ve got a struggle, a training issue, or just a sense that something should just be easier than it is, give us a call.  We’ll be happy to help you help your business run better!

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