Ransomware Alert: Popcorn Time

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Dec 12, 2016 4:21:48 PM

data security.jpgA new ransomware called Popcorn Time has recently been discovered infecting computers and holding data for ransom. (This virus is not associated with the application Popcorn Time.) The newest ransomware is causing much controversy because not only does it takes your files for ransom, but in order to release your files, it also requests that you take some unethical steps to recover a decryption key.

As with many ransomware programs, the infected files are held at ransom until you pay a fee for a decryption key. However, Popcorn Time offers the user an option of sending the virus to 2 additional people and to have them pay the ransom in order to obtain a free key. 

The ransomware may also start deleting your files if you enter in 4 incorrect decryption keys, but developers are unsure if this is truly accurate as of yet. 

As with all ransomware and viruses, be aware of the web links you are clicking on, change your passwords, actively back up your files, and do not open attachments from unknown sources. And if you do get infected with a computer virus, do not try to recover your files on your own. Leave it to your expert technicians to assist with removing the virus and accessing your files.


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