On November 12, 2019, Microsoft released the first “Build Update” for Windows 10 Operating Systems and is expected to continue to release subsequent Build Updates bi-annually.  These Build Updates increase the features, security and functionality of the Operating System.  As Build Updates are released, older versions will be deemed end-of-life and no longer supported by Microsoft, thereby leaving PC’s running older versions with a security vulnerability.  River Run’s R-Monitoring with Maintenance (R-MM) tool streamlines the process to review your inventory and update necessary computers.  We have included a few scenarios below.

WITH R-MM:  Total time – 1.5 hours

1.  Determine which machines require an update by running a report through R-MM:  30 minutes
2.  Run update on test machine to vet issue(s):  30 minutes
3.  Execute R-MM script to automatically push out the Build Update to all required machines:  30 minutes
4.  Locate any failed updates:  minutes


WITHOUT R-MM:  Total time – 5 hours minimum

  1. Determine which machines require an update by running a scan on the network:  1 hour
  2. Run update on test machine to vet issue(s):  2 hours
  3. Utilize existing patch management solution, if available and enabled.  Additional configurations will be required for solutions such as Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).  2-4 hours
  • If client is not using a patch management solution, machines need to be manually updated.  Each workstation requires approximately 30 minutes to complete manually.

      4. Locate any failed updates:  process is manual and is variable

R-Monitoring with Maintenance is an ever-evolving tool that continues to provide benefits above and beyond the core services of 24/7 monitoring and alerting, ticketing system, asset tracking, reporting, remote support capabilities and patch management.  Find out how River Run and R-Monitoring with Maintenance can save you time and money by calling 414-228-7474.



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