Most Microsoft Office users learn just enough about the applications they use every day to get by, just enough to do their jobs. They use Word, PowerPoint and likely have a basic knowledge of Excel. Some of the more adventurous might even venture into setting up macros, templates with content controls, or databases, forms and reports in Access. Most of us know or suspect we could be more efficient, that our companies could run better if we had a few custom programs built into our data forms, lists, Excel sheets or documents, especially if we could easily share them with others or even access and fill them out with our mobile devices.

Developing Custom Applications and Web-accessible data is complicated, right?
You need to create different versions for different operating systems, right?  Application support can be complex, difficult and time consuming, right?  It takes special programmers and a big budget to make and publish powerful apps, right? All that used to be true until PowerApps came along.

Creating business data applications and sharing them with your fellow workers across multiple platforms has now become much easier using Microsoft’s cloud service—PowerApps—which has been available in many Office 365 plans since 2017. 

PowerApps is the next generation successor to InfoPath and Access Services allowing WYSIWYG drag and drop simplicity. If you can use an Excel formula, you can easily learn to create powerful data-sharing applications that work across multiple live data sources and then publish them easily and quickly for use at the desktop, mobile cell phone or tablet.

  • Need an easy way to access or change SharePoint data? PowerApps
  • Need to share and provide input to an Excel document? PowerApps
  • Need to create a way for remote users to check, create and/or change data? PowerApps
  • Need to connect to any of over 200 popular data sources? PowerApps
  • Want to increase your company’s productivity and efficiency? PowerApps

If you need help, River Run can move you into the right Office 365 plan, and our Application Services Group can train you in the use of PowerApps.  You will join millions of users now enjoying simplified application development though PowerApps.


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