Microsoft takes security and compliance VERY seriously and have provided their Office 365 accounts with a powerful administrative center focused on keeping your data and email safe from careless users and outside threats, AND your company in compliance with any needed regulations.

The Security and Compliance Center continues to become more powerful providing an ever-increasing arsenal of tools. The Center encompasses features such as permissions, mail flow rules, basic and advanced email encryption, as well as complex Data Loss Prevention policies and data governance.  However, today we are going to look specifically, though briefly, at a feature called Auditing. 

Specialized document management applications like Worldox GX4 can quietly track several transactions pertaining to files and documents saved within its prevue – when was a file saved, modified, moved, copied, deleted, opened (and I’m just scratching the category surface here), but SharePoint Online has many similar tracking/auditing features though no where near as many as Worldox:

However, O365 is more than document management and also gives subscribers the ability to peer into what is happening in user mailboxes.  Mail Flow can provide a list of emails a user sends and receives as well as a nice selection of other features:

Recently we were informed that email auditing will also let us know if an email was opened.

Microsoft has told us that auditing will be turned on for O365 by default some time in the near future, but for now, it needs to be manually turned on for your site.  Then we must determine who in the organization will have the rights create audit reports or merely browse them.  Security options within the O365 tenant are many and powerful, so some planning and discussion should be on the agenda before the fun begins.

The take home message here is O365 provides in-depth auditing. If you are interested in getting the most out of your subscription, consult with a River Run Office 365 administrator to help you set up auditing.



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