Microsoft provides keyboard shortcuts for all of its applications.  If you are a fast typist, you already know that in Word it is much quicker to hit CTRL+B to bold content than it is to grab your mouse and click the icon in the ribbon.  CTRL+9 in Excel hides selected rows. On your PC, the Windows Key + D quickly brings up your desktop.  Okay … enough.  It is easy to get carried away by the efficiency a keyboard shortcut can bring to your day! 

Microsoft Teams is no exception, and it even gives us a shortcut to find the shortcuts.  Hit CTRL + E and then type /keys to get a list of them.  Then simply ENJOY.  

Notice when you type / a list of other options will display itself followed by words like Help, GoTo, Files and WhatsNew.  These are a fun bonus because they provide further information and quick access to Team lists and information.   

Check out the time-saving shortcuts Microsoft provides and please give the River Run insight Team a call if you have a question or would like to know more.


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