So now that we are all using Teams . . . What?  You aren’t?  Well then, your first step is to give River Run’s Application Services Group a call (414.228.7474) to get going because if you have O365 and your company environment includes departments, or you collaborate in smaller groups for projects, you should be! 

That said, here’s the tip! - Blur your background during Skype for Business video calls. 

Online tools like SharePoint, Skype for Business and others give us the flexibility to work any time from anywhere.  So, let’s say you are working from home and you are about to join a Skype video conference while sitting at your kitchen table with a refrigerator chocked full of scribble pictures behind you in camera view.  What are you going to do?  Blur the background so other participants see your professional self (hopefully you aren’t wearing PJs) without knowing where you are.  Here’s how: Start your Meeting > Click the ellipsis (…) and choose “Blur my Background”.  This is a truly cool idea.


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