Microsoft OneNote:  Get Organized!

Posted by Theresa Hietpas

Oct 29, 2015 11:01:32 AM

Microsoft OneNoteHave you heard about Microsoft OneNote?

If not, get ready to get organized! Microsoft OneNote is the electronic version of a three-ring binder (or a Day Planner – the one with all the all the tabs and pages).  It mimics the concept quite well:  You create a notebook on any topic you wish, create tabs to separate various types info, and then add pages to the tabs, just as you would in physical paper.  You can have more than one notebook, and as many ‘tabs' as you need in each of them.  They even LOOK like tabs and pages.

The possibilities are endless – create a notebook for business entries and one for your personal group.  Make a tab in your “Admin” Notebook that has all of your favorite vendor websites on one page.  Share the link with a friend from that social group and you can take turns adding and updating info.

You can write on it, type in it, sketch on it, speak to it…even record video & edit photos. Whatever form your information comes in, there’s a place for it in OneNote.  And better yet, OneNote can search it all.  If your penmanship is reasonably good, OneNote uses handwriting recognition to make it searchable.  (And if you happen to be a Microsoft Surface user, tapping the screen with your stylus quick-launches the device with a OneNote page ready-to use.-

If you take notes while you’re recording a meeting, OneNote will synchronize them, and keep track of what point in the recording you made your scribbles, so you can go back and listen again. It will even transcribe your notes for you with “speech to text” capability or let you search the audio. And if you upload an image that has words in it?  OneNote will recognize that text and index it, too.

It synchronizes beautifully with Microsoft Office 365 products – embed Excel tables directly into notes, and open Outlook calendar items so you can take minutes right into your meeting agenda, and share them with the other meeting participants immediately.

It works everywhere you do - PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Amazon, Web, Chromebook, & of course, Windows Phone.  And it synchronizes with OneDrive (also free), for easy access from anywhere.

Share notes or Notebooks  with other users, via SharePoint or OneDrive, and collaborate in real time.  Each of you can add notes, and edit pages at the same time.

And best of all?  It’s FREE. If you’re not already an Office 365 user, but you want to take advantage of the organizational powerhouse that is OneNote, just go to and get your free download.

Interested in some training on how to install and use OneNote? Our team of Application Services can take you through the steps to get your business organized and more efficient by using OneNote! Fill out the Contact form to have our team contact you directly. Or give us a call!


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