A number of our clients have had questions about Windows 10 Update 1809. This update was originally released in October 2018, but due to the significant number of driver, compatibility, and performance issues it created, Update 1809 was quickly withdrawn from distribution. Since that time, Microsoft has made additional attempts to release the update, but each has been problematic.


While Windows 10 Update 1809 is still available to those who have a specific need, its technical issues persist. Consequently, Microsoft will not automatically distribute this update, and no further development is scheduled for it.


This update is now being superseded by Windows 10 Update 1903. This newer Update has been designed so that users with Update 1803 can skip Update 1809 and go directly to Update 1903. Windows 10 Update 1903 is already available for manual download. It is not yet being rolled out fully as an Automatic Update – Microsoft will do this in stages, in accordance with their current practice.


Due to the deprecation of Windows 10 Update 1809 as a result of significant technical issues, River Run advises our clients to skip Update 1809, and go directly to Update 1903.


If you have any questions, or require assistance with your organization’s Windows Update path, River Run stands ready to help! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 414-228-7474.



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