Accepting credit cards for product purchases is nothing new for small businesses.  Despite processing fees, businesses typically come out ahead because it is far easier for a customer to buy, and buy more than anticipated, if they do not need to shell out their cash on hand.

Historically, law firms have been reluctant to accept credit cards.  But the times, they are a ‘changing.  Law firms have come to realize that making it easier for clients to pay means fewer old Accounts Receivable, getting paid faster and writing off less.  At River Run, our favorite time and billing applications are Tabs3 and CosmoLex, which now integrate tightly with ProPay and LawPay, respectively.  As an added bonus, these processing companies give our clients very competitive rates.

When you couple credit card acceptance with an emailed statement containing a link to directly pay online, client satisfaction abounds.  The bottom line is if you are not doing this yet, you may want to consider it.



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