Keyboard Shortcuts You Need To Know

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Mar 19, 2014 9:29:53 AM


The Atlantic published a statistic a while back that 90% of computer users did not know what Ctrl+F meant.  River Run Computers has put together a list of 5 shortcuts that can help any computer user be more efficient every day.  To better understand some of the shortcuts, we will run through the basics fist.  CTRL stands for Control and is the main key on a Windows PC, it is typically found in the lower left corner of the keyboard. The CTRL key like the ALT and Shift key when pressed alone, nothing happens. However, when you press them along with another letter or number, you will likely be doing a short cut.  Below are 5 shortcuts to help you move faster on a computer every day.

Control + F Command

Since we started with the statistic about Control +F, we figured it would be the best command to go over first.   When on a webpage and searching for a particular section this command is perfect. By pressing Control + F, a search box will appear, simply typing in the box will locate the text on the page. This command works for other applications as well, like Microsoft Word.

Control + S

Control + S is the command for saving a document on your computer. If this is the first time you are saving the document, the window will pop up to ask you where you would like to save it and what you would like to name it.  If you have already saved it before, this will simply save your changes, you will likely not notice anything happened.

Control +  N

In a word document, pressing Control + N will create a new document.  In a web browser, this shortcut will make open a new window.

Windows Key + D

The windows key (located at the lower left of a standard key board) plus the letter D, will send you directly to your desktop.  This is useful when you need to access something on your desktop, and have many windows open and would like to minimize them.

Alt + F4

This is the shortcut for quitting the current application. In windows this will close whatever is currently on the screen.    

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